Why should I use InterviewJet in my job search?

If you’re tired of scouring job ads, filling out application after application, writing and rewriting your cover letter, InterviewJet is for you. If you’re ready for a new challenge or career move, InterviewJet can help. We look past traditional job descriptions and help people connect to people. If you’re a professional in the tech industry, we want to help you connect with representatives at innovative companies looking for your skills and expertise.

How does InterviewJet work?

To become an InterviewJet candidate, you will need to fill out our quick application form (it only takes a minute). Our selection committee will review the information and reach out with next steps. Once selected as a candidate, you will be given complete control over your privacy settings and resume details. You will also be able to adjust your availability for calls and interviews.

After being a featured candidate on our platform, interested employers will reach out to you with an interview request according to your availability. You have 24 hours to decide if the company is right for you. Then we’ll introduce you both!

Who works with InterviewJet?

All employers are established startups or large companies in the U.S. InterviewJet was created as a way to help the local tech talent thrive by meeting with some of the innovative companies who make things happen.

What does it cost me as a candidate?

Nothing! InterviewJet is free for candidates.

Can I block my current employer?

Yes. InterviewJet was built to help move your career forward, so we keep all your application information completely confidential. Once you are chosen, we give you control over your privacy preferences and give you the option to block specific companies from seeing your information.

Will InterviewJet keep my contact information secure?

Yes. From the day you apply to the day you get hired, you manage the details of your information and can even use our anonymous option. When you build your profile, you will be able to use our Employer Block feature. We automatically block your current employer, and we also allow you just add the domain of any companies that you wouldn’t want seeing that you’re on our platform.

A company is interested in me. How long do I have to accept an interview?

Once the interview is requested, you have 24 hours to accept or decline.

If I accept an interview, do I have to accept the job?

No. InterviewJet is a place to connect and network for the benefit of landing a new job. That does not mean you have to accept the first job you’re offered.

What does an interview with an employer look like?

The interview with employers varies based on the company.

Do you offer any career coaching or resources for candidates?

Yes. InterviewJet has a team of Talent Managers whose mission is to understand what you enjoy doing, shape that into what type of role is suitable, and most importantly, help you get there.


We are in New York City and Boston at this moment. If you are from a different region and would like to see InterviewJet at your location, please click on Olark (bottom-left corner) and write us your location (“I want to get a job in [location].”)


What is InterviewJet?

InterviewJet is a no-strings, members-only hiring platform that allows hiring managers and company recruiters to connect with local tech professionals via a weekly email. Talent moves fast and so does InterviewJet. The platform provides direct communication and the ability to request and schedule interviews right in the dashboard. It is your quick ticket to meeting talented tech professionals in Boston and New York (soon to be Austin and Chicago).

How does InterviewJet help hiring managers and company recruiters?

InterviewJet saves time, money and headaches while providing a real-time look at the tech talent seeking jobs in the competitive local landscape. Instead of spending big budgets on recruiting agencies, talent acquisition professionals have access to a continuously updated list of qualified candidates free of charge. Hiring managers and company recruiters can connect and schedule interviews with talent without leaving the dashboard. In 10 minutes, you could meet, connect and arrange an interview with a potential hire.

How does InterviewJet work?

To become an InterviewJet member, all you need to provide is your work email. Once you are approved, you will have immediate access to a curated list of 20 – 30 actively searching, fully vetted candidates looking for tech jobs in your city. Every Tuesday, you will receive an email with updates to the candidate list. When you see a candidate you like, simply click on the candidate to learn more and request an interview according to the candidate’s availability. The candidate then has 24 hours to accept or deny your interview request. If the candidate accepts your request, InterviewJet will introduce you both. You will only be charged once a hire is made.

Of course, if you can’t wait until the following Tuesday, you will always have the option of logging into our platform and start browsing right away.

How much does this cost?

InterviewJet is free to join. It means that you pay nothing to receive our weekly email of talent and begin requesting interviews. You would only pay if you end up hiring one of our candidates. Our standard fee is 12.5% of a candidate's annualized salary.

How can I sign up to be an InterviewJet member company?

Sign up using the link above and fill out a quick one-minute application. Then we will reach out to you to learn more about you and see how we can help each other.

When can I start meeting tech talent?

After you provide InterviewJet with your work email and your account has been approved, you can start meeting them right away! Additionally, you will receive email updates on Tuesdays and Thursdays with a list of tech talent curated for you.

How many featured candidates will I see each week?

We generally feature between 15 - 25 candidates each week.

What type of candidates will I find on InterviewJet?

We specialize in mid to senior level candidates that feature a wide array of skill sets.  The candidates are organized in groups of Software Engineers, UI/UX Designers, Product Managers and Data Scientists.

Can I use InterviewJet on my phone?

Of course. Hiring managers and company recruiters are on the go, so InterviewJet is, too. Our platform can be accessed via most mobile devices.